Homber bebi deteni pa Polis na Palm Beach

Prome cu 11or di anochi patruya di Motor Unit a nota un Chevrolet Spark shinishi coriendo straño y a bay para e auto. Ora a bay pa controla e manehador masculino tabata bou influencia di alcohol. Mesora a detene e manehador y a manda pidi dogcatcher pa asina transporte pa warda pa haci un test mas profundo pa wak cuanto alcohol e tin den su curpa. E ta un trahador koki na un hotel riba e strip high rise.



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‘Not afraid’: defiant Barcelona to march against terror

Tens of thousands of Spaniards and
foreigners are expected on the streets of Barcelona on Saturday in a defiant
march against terror after last week’s deadly vehicle rampages.

The Mediterranean city is in mourning after a van ploughed into crowds in its busy Las Ramblas boulevard on August 17, followed just hours later by a vehicle attack in the seaside resort of Cambrils further south.

Fifteen were killed in the carnage and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has called on Spaniards to turn up in force to show their “love” and solidarity with Catalonia where the rampages took place. The march also comes after knife attacks on soldiers and police in Brussels and London on Friday evening.

Also present will be King Felipe VI, the first Spanish sovereign to take part in a demonstration since the monarchy was re-established in 1975 after the death of dictator Francisco Franco.

 ‘Love’ for Barcelona

The king will attend to “express his love for the people of Barcelona, of Cambrils, of Catalonia,” Rajoy said Friday.

“There, with all of Catalan society and all of Spain… we will once again give a clear message of unity and condemnation of terrorism, and of love for the city of Barcelona,” he added.

The warm comments contrast with Rajoy’s earlier criticism of Catalan leaders, with whom he has been at loggerheads over their plans to hold an independence referendum on October 1st.

But he and Catalonia’s separatist president Carles Puigdemont made a show of unity in the immediate aftermath of the Islamic State group-claimed attacks on August 17th and 18th.

They will both attend the march that kicks off at 6:00pm local time (1600 GMT).

Already on Friday evening, thousands of people marched against terror in Cambrils, shouting “no tinc por”, which means “not afraid” in Catalan – as defiantly shouted by locals last week after the attacks.

The slogan of the Barcelona demonstration will also be “no tinc por.”

Those who tended to the victims last week will be given pride of place at the top of the procession.

These include security forces, emergency workers, residents and shop owners in the Las Ramblas avenue and taxis who took people for free.

People like Montse Rovira, the city hall’s head of social emergencies who helped people who were lost or who couldn’t find their loved ones.

Over the following days, she and her colleagues gave families psychological support when they were given terrible news, and also helped others like doctors and firefighters.

“There are a lot of people who are suffering,” she said, adding that even psychologists themselves had struggled.

For her, the march will help “recognise the work of people who have been on the front line.”

Ode to peace

Saray Gomez, an 18-year-old who works at a flower stall right next to where the van ended its murderous rampage, said it was important “to give a message of unity and peace.”

“And it’s important to distinguish between Islam and jihadists, because Muslims are the first to be affected.”

Thousands of red, yellow and white flowers – the colours of Barcelona – will be distributed to protesters.

The march will end on the Plaza de Catalunya near Las Ramblas where two violoncellists will interpret the Cant dels ocells (the song of the birds), a traditional Catalan song which has become a symbol of peace.

In 1961, late composer Pau Casals had played it at the White House in a rejection of the Franco regime.

By Laurence Boutreux and Anna Cuenca

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Dos homber arma a atraca dama di edad na Cura Cabai

Diadomingo, pa mas of menos 3’or y 18 di marduga, Central di polis ta ricibi un yamada cu un atraco a caba di tuma luga na un cas na Cura Cabai. Mesora a despacha un patruya pa e sitio y na nan yegada, nan ta bin topa cu un dama di edad respeta na e cas, kende ta declara cu un rato prome, 2 homber full na preto bisti, cu arma di candela y nan cara no tapa, a drenta su cas y a atrak’e. Un di nan lo mester a dal e dama cu e arma di candela, na su cabes. Nan a bay cu mas of menos 300 florin y tambe su celular. Nan dos a huy na pia y tur dos tabata papia Papiamento. Atraco Team a presenta na e sitio pa sigui cu e investigacion y tambe a pidi asistencia di slachtofferhulp, mirando e situacion cu e señora a pasa aden.
Ken cu por a mira of sa algo riba e caso aki, yama tiplijn di polis na 11141 of tambe yama 100.



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New recordings in Poland’s Waitergate scandal: Ex-FM offends university rectors

Former Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski reportedly hit out at the heads of the country’s higher education institutions, calling them “d**kheads” and “layabouts,” in an expletive-laden “Waitergate” recording recently aired for the first time.

A new set of previously unheard recordings relating to the 2014 “Waitergate” wire-tapping scandal have surfaced and some have been aired by Poland’s public broadcaster TVP.

The new recordings appear to reveal a discrediting conversation about Polish universities and the costs of educating children between former Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski and Jacek Krawiec, former CEO of oil refiner Orlen.

“You know, [American universities] understand what all those rectors — those d**kheads and layabouts — over here fail to comprehend — that, you know, the main financing for universities can come from … endowments. It’s just that you need to have a database,” Sikorski reportedly said in one of the recordings published by TVP Info.

He was allegedly responding to Krawiec, who said: “I saw those f**king [American] campuses, all of it, those budgets at those universities, the five billion that Stanford has annually”.

“Five billion is the money they have to spend. One third is from endowments, one third from grants, one third from invested funds. So five billion is, f**k, huge business,” he added, according to TVP.

The conversation was allegedly recorded in February 2014, TVP Info reported.

Between July 2013 and June 2014, the conversations of people in the upper echelons of Polish politics, business and public service were recorded without their knowledge at the fashionable Sowa & Przyjaciele restaurant in Warsaw and later leaked to media.

Such recordings are illegal in Poland and under the penal code are punishable by up to two years in jail.

A Polish businessman was found guilty of masterminding the recordings and was sentenced to 30 months in jail, while another businessman and a waiter received suspended sentences.

A second waiter was fined but avoided a sentencing by helping prosecutors with their investigation.

Among those recorded in the scandal were former Interior Minister Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, former central bank head Marek Belka and current Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, then chairman of a major bank.

The conversations, many of them expletive-ridden, of more than 100 people were illegally recorded on 66 occasions; their revelation rocked Donald Tusk’s Civic Platform (PO) government in 2014, later leading to the resignation of at least nine high-ranking party members. (str/vb)

Source: TVP Info

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OzTag player faces life ban after allegedly knocking out referee – Sport

By Lily Mayers


August 25, 2017 13:17:29

A player who allegedly knocked out a young referee during an OzTag game in Sydney’s west is facing an immediate life ban from the sport.

Trevor Riley, 22, from the team 14 Strong was sent off the field for inappropriate comments during a men’s semi-final game at the Kingsway in St Marys on Thursday night.

As he left the field, Riley allegedly punched the referee in the face, knocking him unconscious.

The referee, Travis Kelly, was taken to Nepean Hospital with a jaw injury.

Australian OzTag general manager Bill Harrigan said: “Well, we know that he definitely assaulted a young referee, so he will be banned for life, never play the game again.”

“That will be effective immediately.

“It’s not an ‘alleged assault’, he did assault him, that was good enough for me that he will get a life ban.”

Riley allegedly left the scene. Police were called and he was arrested in nearby Werrington Road some time later.

He was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and granted conditional bail to appear at Penrith Local Court next month.

Under his bail conditions he cannot go within 100 metres of the playing fields.

Referee ‘a bit sore’

President of the Penrith OzTag Association Jamie Howard said the referee had been released from hospital.

“He’s still a bit sore and he’s going to have some further checks and X-rays done today,” he said.

“We’re collecting our reports off the opposition team and witnesses that saw the incident and then we’ll go through our normal judiciary process, where we assess those reports.

“We’ll then charge the player with whatever offences we deem necessary.

“We take the safety of the referees extremely seriously and there’s no place in any sport for this type of action.”

Several witnesses wrote about the alleged incident on Facebook.

Ross Panetta said: “I saw this happen … could have killed someone … the poor kid was out for a while … no need for it.”

Tarnya Mair said: “I was near when a young lady who knew him approached and said, ‘you could have seriously hurt him! why did you do that for?’ He just shrugged his shoulders with a smirk on his face and said ‘oh well’ then walked off!”

“[The referee’s] arm stiffened straight and he hit the deck and was out cold.”

A statement posted on the Penrith OzTag Association Facebook page said: “We would like to thank all the people that assisted with the incident last night and those that have enquired about the well being of the referee this morning.”





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August 25, 2017 10:12:38

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Cooper y Germande campeones de K2 500, Garrote y Toro subcampeones en 200 | Deportes

Marcus Cooper Walz (d) y Rodrigo Germade (i) logran la clasificacin para la final de K2 500 metros.

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7 Aussie artists who’ve never had a number one album

Life Is Fine is Paul Kelly’s first number one album.

As little sense as that makes, it’s true.

The legendary artist is as big a drawcard as just about any other Australian act, with a fanbase that ranges from toddlers to pensioners, and songwriting that appeals to music lovers of all dispositions. Everyone loves Paul Kelly. So, it seems completely mad that it has taken so long for him to hit number one.

But sometimes that just happens. Chart position is not, and never has been, an indication of the quality of an artist’s output. Paul Kelly is no better this week as a number one seller than he was last week.

Artists can miss out on topping the charts for any number of reasons. It could be a matter of timing; a new Ed Sheeran or Adele album will render any other artist’s attempt at hitting the top spot totally futile.

It could be poor promotion, or just that fans aren’t necessarily buying this particular artist’s album all at the same time. Chart standings come thanks to a single week’s sales, so it takes some coordination to get any artist to the top spot (why do you think every band has a pre-order these days?).

What I found more astounding when digging further, was just how lowly some of Kelly’s albums charted upon release. Every household should have a copy of his (now outdated but still amazing) Greatest Hits album Songs From The South. Before this week it was his highest charting album to date, spending four weeks at number two, unable to beat out Savage Garden or Hanson.

But look at his other records and some of them didn’t even come close. Ways & Means peaked at number 13 in 2004. Words And Music only managed to hit number 17. And the excellent Deeper Water didn’t get past number 40!

Plenty more fine artists have never tasted the top spot of the charts. Hell, it wasn’t until he passed away that David Bowie scored a number one in the US. 

Here are a few great Aussie artists who are hugely popular, but have not yet tasted the glory of a number one album. This is by no means an exhaustive list, there are plenty of amazing artists who have never topped the charts, but these are a few of the most notable ones I came across. 

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Dos chauffeur femenino envolví den accidente pisa na Moko

Algo pasa di 3or diasabra madruga, patruya di Noord a ser manda riba e caminda di Moko net dilanti di mi Dudu Restaurant. Eynan a sosode un accidente y caminda e palo di lus ta benta riba caminda. Mesora varios patruya di noord tambe a bay pa duna un man pa asina sera e caminda. Na yegada di e prome patruya, a bin topa cu un Daihatsu color shinishi numera A-67093 y un Hyundai Creta color blanco numera A-44136. Ora polis a bay chek exactamente kiko a sosode, a bin saca afor cu e Hyundai tabata bayendo direccion Noord y na dado momento el a hala full riba su caminda contrario y cu consecuencia cu el a dal den e Daihatsu cu ta biniendo for di noord bayendo zuid. E chauffeur a perde control y ranca un palo di lus cu transformer pega na dje. Ambulance a ser pidi na e sitio di e susedido pa asina atende cu tur dos chauffeur. E dos damanan aki a ricibi basta sla. E dos damanan a wordo atendi pa e personal di ambulance y un di e damanan c uta e chauffeur e Hyundai a keda deteni ora cu a wordo controla na hospital. Un cuerpo di polis a bay cu e dama den ambulance pa asina manera e keda cla cu chekeo medico e wordo transporta pa warda di Shaba. E muher tabata bou influencia di alcohol. Daño material tabata grandi na ambos auto y e palo di lus a cay riba caminda y e wayanan di coriente tabata forma un peliger. Polis a sera ambos banda di caminda pa trafico.



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