Belly Button Man – Artistic Installation by American Artist Mark Jenkins in Piotrkowska (Photos) – Lodz Post

Within two weeks, five art installations by American artist Marek Jenkins will be placed along ul. Piotrkowska in Łódź. One of them is “Belly Button Man”, a hooded figure with a hole in the belly, holding a lantern. In Łódź, the artist creates at the invitation of the Łódź Events Center.

– I want to do interactive projects here, fitting in to what you already have in town. My art is a kind of illusion. Other projects that will appear on Piotrkowska Street are, for example, girls on a balcony gathering flowers, -said the artists.

Mark Jenkins is a American artist who focuses on street art installations. His work was realized among others. in New York, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, London, Montreal and Seoul. He has participated in the world’s largest art festivals and has collaborated with artists in many fields.

The estimated cost of Jenkins installations in Łódź is 35,000 PLN.

Photos: Łódź Events Center

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McCormick invites jobseekers to Open Day at Łódź City Hall on Tuesday – Lodz Post

Multinational company McCormick invites those who are looking for a new job or challenge to an Open Day which will be held at Lodz City Hall on Tuesday 10th of October. During the Open Day, jobseekers will have the opportunity to speak directly to employees of the company and take part in interview sessions. Those who are interested in starting off their career or are looking for a change are encouraged to bring their CVs to the event.

McCormick is a global leader in flavour and entered the Polish market in 2011 with the acquisition of the Kamis herbs, spices and mustards business in Stefanowo.

Recently McCormick signed a lease for new office space in the Nowa Fabryczna office complex where the company plans to relocate its EMEA (Europe, Africa and Middle East) Shared Services Centre. The move into its new offices is planned for the end of this year.

– We have chosen this spacious and comfortable new office space with our employees and their comfort in mind and we look forward to moving into our new offices by the end of the year. Nowa Fabryczna is well connected, easy to access and very modern. This central location in the city of Lodz will significantly improve our employee commuting. The office space has been designed especially for us taking into consideration the suggestions of our employees who were fully involved in the project. It will fully meet our EMEA Shared Services standards in terms of location, comfort and modernity and we hope that our employees will like it, – said Joanna Pawlicka, HR Manager, McCormick EMEA Shared Services.

McCormick EMEA Shared Services centre was established in Lodz in 2014 to support the company’s growth ambitions in the region. It started with the EMEA finance activities and has been expanding to include HR, Customer Services and Technical transactional activities. Today it employs over 200 employees and continues to grow.

McCormick Open Day will take place on Tuesday 10th of October at the City Hall on ul. Piotrkowska 104. Company representatives, among them supervisors and managers from various departments, are waiting for you between the hours of 13:00 – 18:00. Jobseekers are encouraged to take part in this opportunity to get an insight into the company’s activities and career development offers.

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Emergency landing at Łódź Airport. Passenger suffered heart attack on board airplane – Lodz Post

A Ukraine International Airlines flight from Paris to Kyiv was forced to land at Łódź Airport yesterday. During the flight between the French and Ukrainian capital cities, one of the passengers suffered a heart attack.

The Boeing 737 touched down in Łódź just before 17:00 on Friday afternoon (06.10.2017). Emergency services were already waiting on the tarmac to treat the 40-year-old female passenger who is believed to have suffered from a heart attack during the flight. The passenger was taken to a nearby hospital.

Image: Port Lotniczy Lublinek

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Strong winds and rain cause havoc in Łódź. 167,000 households left without electricity – Lodz Post

Strong winds and heavy rain have caused destruction in the Łódź region during the night from Thursday to Friday. Some 167,000 households have been cut off from electricity while emergency services were called out over 1,200 times.

The Sieradz and Bełchatów districts were among the hardest hit in the Łódź region. – Among the injured people was a firefighter and a mother with her daughter who got caught up in an accident in the eastern part of Łódź – says Jolanta Kowalik-Gęsior from the regional crisis management center in Łódź. – There were no fatalities, – she added.

Although heavy rain continues today, emergency services are working to restore electricity to the affected households and are confident that power at those households will be restored today.

Image: Wiki Commons
Source: Łódź regional crisis management center

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Whirlpool officially launches Shared Service Center in Łódź – Lodz Post

Multinational company Whirlpool has officially launched its shared service center in the new center of Łódź today (05.10.2017). The new shared service center for finance supports accounting and financial operations for the entire EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

The decision to set up the facility was made earlier this year after a detailed analysis of financial and accounting operations in the EMEA region. The main goal of the center is to standardize and ensure stability. The Łódź center manages a new model of integrated financial processes for the entire EMEA region.

– Poland is one of the most important countries in the EMEA region in terms of quality and pace of development of industrial structures, and therefore, from the perspective of Whirlpool Corporation, it is an optimal, strategic location for our shared service center. We are delighted that we also support the business development of Łódź by our decision, – said Andrea Marciandi, Whirlpool EMEA Shared Service Director.

– The long-term presence of the company in Łódź and its dynamic development shows that our city occupies a very important place on the map for such large global companies. At the same time, the availability of ambitious and creative staff and its potential is assessed very high. The fact that Whirlpool decided to create a shared services center in our city makes me very proud. And what is important: in recent years, shared service centers have become one of the most attractive places of work in the Łódź region, – said Łódź president, Hanna Zdanowska, at the launch ceremony.

The new Whirlpool facility is located in the so-called “New Center of Łódź”. The center occupies over 5 thousand m2 of office space and currently employs almost 270 people. The nature of the center’s activities creates space for building an international team, which at that moment is made up of 15 languages: Polish, English, French, Danish, German, Hindi, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian and Nigerian.

Due to the company’s expansion plans, Whirlpool’s new shared service center intends to closely cooperate with local universities.

Image: Whirlpool Press Material

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Strong winds and rain to hit Łódź region on Thursday evening – Lodz Post

Strong winds and rain are expected to hit the Łódź region on Thursday evening. According to the regional crisis management center, between the hours of 19:00 on Thursday and 01:00 on Friday, residents should expect winds with speeds of 45 / 55 km/h and gusts reaching up to 110 km/h.

Residents are asked to secure windows, doors and moving objects on balconies and terraces. The crisis management center also advises to remain indoors if possible and to avoid any unnecessary trips.

Image: Wiki Commons

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Philips Lighting opens Financial Services Center in Łódź. Creates 120 jobs – Lodz Post

Philips Lighting, the world leader in lighting technologies, which was recently named industry leader in the category of electrical components and equipment by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for 2017, announced today (05.10.2017) that it will open a Financial Services Center in Łódź.

120 people will be employed in the Łódź center and will be responsible for the accounting and financial processes of all European branches of the company. Philips Lighting, one of the service center pioneers in Łódź, already has experience in the set up of service centers in Poland. Its Łódź transaction center was acquired by Infosys BPO Ltd in 2007.

With a thorough analysis of the remaining non-transactional financial-accounting operations, Philips Lighting has decided to improve business efficiency by consolidating all processes in one place in Europe. The city of Łódź was chosen because of the potential of its labor force, good past experience, investment climate and the availability of high quality office space.

– As our accounting and financial operations are geographically divided, we want to move to a centralized center of excellence. This will allow us to improve the quality and efficiency of our accounting and financial operations by further optimizing, standardizing and increasing the flow of knowledge, – said Lion Paauwe, Center Director.

– In Poland we have a fantastic chance to hire well qualified and experienced foreign language professionals, and we, as Philips Lighting, have been operating in Poland for a long time, – he added.

Recruitment of employees for the new center is already in progress. Philips Lighting is using Experis Recruitment (ManpowerGroup) for support in its recruitment efforts.

Source: Philips Press Release

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Construction boom in Łódź. City expects record number of 2800 building permits to be issued by end of year – Lodz Post

The city of Łódź experiences a construction boom and the number of building permits issued in the city is growing year by year. By the end of 2017 their number should exceed the record number of 2,800.

During Tuesday’s press conference, the President of Łódź, Hanna Zdanowska, announced that almost 1,900 building permits had been issued between January and August of this year. – Everything points in the direction that a record number of construction permits will be issued in Łódź by the end of the year. We estimate that there will be over 2,800 issued permits. We have never reached such a number before, – Zdanowska said.

Thanks to the permits issued it was possible to implement, among others, large and important investments, such as the City Gate by Skanska and the Monopolis office complex. Zdanowska also said that it was not only office and commercial investments. The housing market also benefits from the construction boom. Nearly 3,000 new apartments were sold in 2017 so far.

Image: UMŁ

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Light Move Festival breaks all records. 7th edition attracted 650,000 visitors (Photos) – Lodz Post

The organizers of the popular Łódź Light Move Festival can look back at yet another successful year. The 7th edition of the festival, which took place in Łódź last weekend, attracted over 650,000 visitors over three days. Throughout last weekend, all hotel beds in Łódź were sold out.

The 2017 Light Move Festival took place a little earlier than editions in previous years, setting the perfect weather conditions for evening walks along the festival’s attractions. Among residents & tourists, there were more families with children. – We see that Łódź residents are waiting for this event, invite their friends, acquaintances, relatives from all over Poland. More and more people are coming to Łódź during the festival. Hence we see an increase in visitor numbers year-on-year – explained Krzysztof Piatkowski, vice-president of Łódź.

Photo Gallery by Kasia Korzeniowska & Diogo Da Costa Sales

A big thanks to Alexandra Smith, Kasia Korzeniowska and Diogo Da Costa Sales for providing photos from this year’s Light Move Festival!

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Light Move Festival 2017 in Łódź – Day 1 (Photos & Videos) – Lodz Post

The 2017 edition of the Łódź Light Move Festival 2017 was officially opened yesterday evening (29.09.2017). Thousands gathered in the streets around the center of the city to follow the spectacle.

Following a successful start of the event, the Light Move Festival will continue to delight visitors over the weekend. Light installations and projections will turn the city of Łódź into a magical sea of light on Saturday and Sunday evenings between the hours of 19:00 and midnight.

– The first night of the event was amazing! One could see that they put a lot of effort into organising and creating the festival. There was a large crowd and the atmosphere was great -, says Alexandra Smith, resident of Łódź. A big thanks to Alexandra for providing the below photos.

Video Light Move Festival 2017 by youtube user “Cnstruction Lodz Poland Dji Phantom”

Video Light Move Festival 2017 by youtube user “Cnstruction Lodz Poland Dji Phantom”

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