Las claves del referndum del Kurdistn iraqu | Internacional Home Tags

El Kurdistn iraqu vota hoy sobre su independencia

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Air Berlin tendr ofertas de dos empresarios alemanes para seguir operando | Economa

Un avin de Air Berlin aterriza en el aeropuerto de Berln-Tegel.

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Auschwitz survivor who was world’s oldest man dies at 113 | Science

Israel Kristal, the world’s oldest man who lived through both world wars and survived the Auschwitz concentration camp, has passed away just a month short of his 114th birthday, his family have said.

Oren Kristal, a grandson, said he died on Friday. “He managed to accomplish a lot. Every year he lived was like a few years for somebody else,” Oren told the Associated Press.

Last year Guinness World Records awarded Kristal a certificate as the world’s oldest man.

Kristal was born to an Orthodox Jewish family near the town of Żarnów in Poland in 1903. “When he was a child during World War I in Poland he was a helper for a booze smuggler; he used to run barefoot in the snow through the night many kilometres with a heavy package on his back at about 12-years-old, smuggling alcohol between the lines of the war,” Oren, his grandson, said.

“He used to walk very fast until he was very old – faster than me – and he used to tell me that when he was my age if you didn’t walk fast enough your feet would stick to the frozen ground,” said Oren.

Kristal was orphaned shortly after the first world war and moved to Lodz to work in the family confectionery business in 1920.

During the Nazi occupation of Poland, Kristal was confined to the Łódź ghetto and was later sent to Auschwitz and other concentration camps. His first wife and two children were killed in the Holocaust. Six million Jews were systematically murdered by German Nazis and their collaborators during the second world war.

“He used to tell us whenever we were mourning someone that we should consider that they are being buried in the land of Israel, most of the people he knew did not get to be buried in a grave when they died,” Oren said.

Kristal survived the second world war weighing only 37kg (about 81 pounds) and was the only survivor of his large family. He later married another Holocaust survivor and moved with her to Israel in 1950 where he built a new family and a successful confectionery business.

“He was a very hard-working man, a lot of energy always running from one place to another doing something,” Oren Kristal said. He said his grandfather participated in one of his grandsons’ bar mitzvahs just a few weeks ago.

An observant Jew, Kristal himself only celebrated his bar mitzvah last year, a hundred years later than usual. He missed his bar mitzvah, the Jewish coming-of-age ceremony held when a boy turns 13, because of the first world war.

Kristal is survived by two children, numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren, according to media reports.

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Benjamin Netanyahu, cercado por sospechas de corrupcin y fraude | Internacional

El primer ministro israel, Benjamin Netanyahu (a la izquierda), junto al alcalde del asentamiento israel de Beitar Ilit en Cisjordania.

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Netanyahu attack on EU policy towards Israel caught on microphone | World news

Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has launched a withering attack on the European Union at a closed-door meeting of eastern European leaders in Budapest, saying the political grouping would wither and die if it did not change its policy towards Israel.

The remarks, caught on an open microphone, underlined Netanyahu’s often barely disguised contempt for the European political union, which has criticised Israel – and his government in particular – over issues including Jewish settlement building in the occupied Palestinian territories and the peace process.

Netanyahu also made a rare public admission that Israel has struck Iranian arms convoys in Syria bound for Hezbollah “dozens and dozens of times”.

The overheard remarks were reported by Israeli journalists covering the trip.

The bombastic remarks, which bizarrely predicated Europe’s future on its attitude towards Israel – not one of the most burning issues on an EU agenda confronting the challenges of immigration, Brexit and economic growth – were made in a meeting with the leaders of Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland, whom Netanyahu urged to close their doors to refugees from Africa and the Middle East.

“I think Europe has to decide if it wants to live and thrive or if it wants to shrivel and disappear,” he said. “I am not very politically correct. I know that’s a shock to some of you. It’s a joke. But the truth is the truth – both about Europe’s security and Europe’s economic future. Both of these concerns mandate a different policy toward Israel.”

“The European Union is the only association of countries in the world that conditions the relations with Israel, which produces technology in every area, on political conditions. The only ones! Nobody does it,” Netanyahu said before officials realised the meeting was being overheard by reporters and cut the feed.

“It’s crazy. It’s actually crazy,” he added, urging the leaders present to help push Europe to expedite the EU association agreement with Israel that has been held up because of current Israeli policies.

Netanyahu’s remarks were made following criticism of his visit to Budapest, where he has been accused of soft-pedalling on accusations against the Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orbán, for allegedly stoking antisemitism, not least in a high-profile campaign targeting billionaire Jewish philanthropist George Soros.

Netanyahu’s comments also come in the midst of problems for the embattled Israeli prime minister at home, where he is under investigation in two police inquiries and amid an escalating corruption scandal involving his government over the purchase of German submarines.

“I think that if I can suggest that what comes out of this meeting is your ability perhaps to communicate to your colleagues in other parts of Europe: Help Europe … don’t undermine the one western country that defends European values and European interests and prevents another mass migration to Europe,” added Netanyahu.

“So stop attacking Israel. Start supporting Israel … start supporting European economies by doing what the Americans, the Chinese and the Indians are doing,” he said, referring to increasing technological cooperation.

“There is no logic here. The EU is undermining its security by undermining Israel. Europe is undermining its progress by undermining its connection with Israeli innovation,” he added.

“We are part of the European culture,” Netanyahu continued. “Europe ends in Israel. East of Israel, there is no more Europe. We have no greater friends than the Christians who support Israel around the world. Not only the evangelists. If I go to Brazil, I’ll be greeted there with more enthusiasm than at the Likud party.”

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Israel reabre la Explanada de las Mezquitas cerrada tras el atentado | Internacional Home Tags

Fieles musulmanes se niegan a entrar antes las nuevas medidas de seguridad impuestas en la Ciudad Vieja de Jerusaln.

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Emmanuel Macron ante Benjamin Netanyahu: “Francia organiz la redada y deportacin de 13.152 judos” | Internacional Home Tags

Emmanuel Macron saluda a Benjamin Netanyahu, en el Elseo, hoy.

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Dos policas israeles mueren en un ataque en el casco antiguo de Jerusaln | Internacional Home Tags

El cadver de uno de los atacantes es trasladado por la Polica Cientfica.

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Detenido en L’Hospitalet por enaltecimiento del terrorismo e incitacin al odio | Catalua Home

Detenido en L’Hospitalet por enaltecimiento del terrorismo e incitacin al odio.

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Avi Gabbai, sorprendente nuevo lder del partido laborista israel | Internacional Home Tags

Avi Gabbai, el sorprendente jefe del laborismo israel, tras ganar las primarias.

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