Bronca en el Ayuntamiento de Jan por una mocin contra “el golpe de Estado secesionista de Catalua” | Andalucia Home

Intentan agredir al secretario general de VOX por pedir la aplicacin del 155

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America claims the sausage roll as its own – Drive

A food company in the US has come out with a new and exciting product, the ‘puff dog’, which looks suspiciously like a sausage roll.

First New Zealand has tried to claim the pavlova and now this.

Jules Schiller won’t stand for it and neither will the bakers of Australia.

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Tur dia tin polis ta controla e area di Dump na Tamarijn

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E dump na Tamarijn pa varios dia caba ta den foco despues di e ultimo candela cu tabata tin cu a haci cu scolnan den vecindairo mester a cera pa motibo di e huma y e holo malo cu esaki a saca. Ciudadanonan ta hopi rabia pasobra awo, un biaha mas, huma a bay laira y nan kier husticia. Nan kier pa persigui doño di e tereno.

Nos a combersa cu Minister di Husticia, Arthur Dowers tabata tin cierto combersacionnan. El a splica cu tabata tin un situacion cu a cende candela na e dump aki y esaki a trece un daño hopi grandi pa e comunidad den vecindario. A papia cu esnan cu ta biba den e bario y a tuma medida mesora. Por a mira kico a pasa eynan y a prohibi e personanan cu tabata haci uzo di e facilidad aki pa nan tira sushi eynan. Esey a tuma luga, como kiera cu pa uza un luga como dump, mester di hindervergunning di e minister y e personanan aki no tabata tin esaki. A duna di biaha e instruccion pa no tira sushi mas eynan.

Banda di esey a pidi Cuerpo Policial pa vigila esaki, cual nan ta haci tur dia. Cuerpo Policial ta analisa e situacion pa wak si tin cualkier cos ta tuma luga eynan, cu no mag tuma luga. Tambe ta asina cu a saca potret for di laira, pa confirma tambe con e situacion ta na e momento ey y si tin cualkier cambio, lo actua contra esaki.

A tene un conferencia di prensa recientemente, caminda cu e habitantenan a expresa nan situacion y e minister tin comprension pa esaki. Por a mira si cu tin varios persona den prensa cu a saca esaki for di contexto y kier bin cu un pretencion cu minister di husticia no lo a haci nada den esaki.

Minister di Husticia ta esun cu ta duna hindervergunning. Por duna instruccion na momento cu esaki no cumpli pa para, pero e no ta responsabel pa yena e tereno ni pa haci ningun otro facilidad cu ta rekeri medio ambiente, etc. E minister a trece padilanti cu e ta custuma cu tur loke pasa pais Aruba, cu principalmente e miembronan di prensa lega na partido MEP y tambe liga na otro partidonan den oposicion, ta pone e responsabilidad den scochi di minister di husticia, mester ta hopi cla cu esaki. Minister a haci su parti, a actua y na e momento aki tin un grupo di persona cu ta reuni, cu ta analisando e situacion pa wak ki ta e pasonan cu lo bay tuma pa soluciona e problema aki a largo plazo. Cu huma por a sali for di e area aki, a purba di tuma contacto cu esnan cu ta biba den vecindario y no a haya nan. Tambe otro intento a wordo haci, toch tin cu bisa a pidi brandweer pa bay analisa e situacion. Brandweer a informa tambe, cu na momento cu nan a yega, nan no a constata ningun candela na e area. Loke si nan a mira, ta un bulldozer ta hala santo. Esey ta bin door cu e candela cu tabata tin simannan atras eynan, te na e momento aki, no a paga. Brandweer no por a page tampoco. Loke nan por a haci ta duna instruccion na e doño di e tereno pa tapa esaki cu santo. Tin di compronde cu esey a tuma luga y awor aki mester sigui e analisis pa wak con lo sigui tapa esaki, pa asina eynan garantisa cu dado momento e candela aki lo paga. Pero nada cu husticia ta bay over di dje, a tuma luga mas despues cu a drenta den accion y a actua contra esnan cu a tuma e pasonan aki. Cu tin diferente procedura ta andando ta asina. Tin diferente otro cos cu mester tuma luga pa loke ta trata e solucion di e problema aki a largo plazo y e asuntonan di medio ambiente, tambe ta compronde. Esey na momento cu constata cu tin infraccionnan contra medio ambiente, e ora ey lo pidi autoridad hudicial pa por tambe actua, pero esey no ta na ordo awor aki. Loke ta na ordo e momento aki cu ainda e personanan aki tin molester di esaki, pero e pasonan cu husticia a tuma a wordo tuma pa para e situacion y preveni cu loke ta tumando luga na e luga aki, en pugna cu nos leynan, cu esey a para, segun minister Dowers.


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Poland’s Tatra mountains get clean

PR dla Zagranicy

Victoria Bieniek

30.06.2017 10:31

The sixth annual Clean Tatra campaign to remove litter from southern Poland’s Tatra National Park starts on Friday.

Volunteers clear rubbish from Poland's Tatra Mountains. Photo: Mateusz Szelc/Czyste Tatry.Volunteers clear rubbish from Poland’s Tatra Mountains. Photo: Mateusz Szelc/Czyste Tatry.

Thousands of volunteers will traverse some 200 kilometres of walking trails in Poland’s highest mountain range, armed with rubber gloves and trash bags.

Each year, tourists leave behind hundreds of kilograms of litter.

The Clean Tatra campaign also aims to educate people about the national park’s history and to promote keeping it clean and staying safe in the mountains.

The two-day drive ends on Saturday. (vb/pk)

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Pamplona centra su campaa contra las agresiones sexuales en San Fermn en cmo informan los medios | Sociedad Home

Manifestacin en contra de las agresiones sexistas en los sanfermines de 2016

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‘Serial killer whisperer’ Amanda Howard gets inside notorious criminal minds


June 29, 2017 07:00:00

For true crime author Amanda Howard, getting inside the mind of a serial killer is a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Howard takes a seat in the recreational room of Adelaide’s Z Ward, once a home for the state’s criminally insane.

She empties her bag and out tumbles mail she picked up before leaving home this morning.

“I have about half a dozen letters sitting there from various serial killers around the world including Ivan Milat, Paul Denyer, John Robinson and Hadden Clark from America, Mark Valera,” she said calmly.

“I’ve been talking to Ivan Milat since 1995.

“This is my standard daily drop of letters. I can get up to about 40 or 50 a week.”

Howard writes to the world’s most notorious serial killers as part of the research process for her true crime novels.

“When I was a young girl I had an English teacher tell me to go to the source,” she said.

“I don’t think she thought going to the source meant talking to serial killers but it’s worked for me.”

Threatened with an ice pick

Howard doesn’t just write to serial killers; she also interviews them face to face.

“Sometimes I’m the cat and sometimes I’m the mouse,” she said.

“It’s usually not the killers who are the problem because they are in jail for life.

“It’s the rapist in the cell next door who is coming out in a month and knows who I am who will come after me.

“I had Roy Norris [a serial killer and rapist] in America say that he was going to send someone to put an ice pick in my ear, which is what he and his partner had done to his victims.”

‘I am the serial killer whisperer’

Some of the criminals Howard communicates with are just looking for forgiveness; others want attention.

One of the most notorious is American paranoid schizophrenic and cannibal killer Hadden Clark.

Clark is serving two 30-year sentences for the murders of a six-year-old girl in 1986 and a 23-year-old woman in 1992.

Howard will meet with him face to face later this year.

“He is terrifying because he is unpredictable,” she said.

Howard will interview Clark as part of a television project she is developing.

She said she hoped Clark might unveil clues to other crimes he was suspected of committing.

“I seem to have that way of being a serial killer whisperer who can get those little details out of them by asking the right questions.

“Hadden will be a very interesting interview, though scary.”

Clark, like all of Howard’s pen pals, was accused of the most heinous of crimes.

“We all have a line in the sand that we don’t cross. A lot of these killers, like Ivan [Milat], don’t have that line,” she said.

“We want them to be monsters, but they are not because they look like us and are us and that is the scary part.

“In every other aspect of their lives they are just the same as us.”

Reaching breaking point

While researching her 2009 book Predators: Killers Without A Conscience, Howard said she reached her breaking point.

“I threw my laptop across the room and said, ‘I’m not doing this’.”

At the time she had been going through case files of Australia’s worst paedophiles.

She turned her mind for a time to writing crime fiction, “because people don’t have to die for me to write that”.

But eventually she returned to true crime.

I am here to help

Howard is studying a masters degree in criminology and criminal justice, as well as a masters in writing.

She said she ultimately wanted to use her experience to obtain new clues from the killers she communicates with and in turn help solve crimes.

“Some of them want to help — we should use their expertise,” she said.

“[I want] to bring a family closure, to say, ‘we got the guy, we got the woman, we got the killer’.

“My ultimate goal is to come to that point where we can point the finger and have someone go to jail because of what I have learnt from all of these other people.”







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Aleppo fundraiser to coincide with Polish UNESCO event

PR dla Zagranicy

Victoria Bieniek

30.06.2017 11:37

A fundraiser for the people of Aleppo will be held in Kraków from 2-12 July, coinciding with UNESCO’s 41st World Heritage Committee session.

War-torn Aleppo. Photo: British Foreign and Commonwealth Office/Basma (CC BY-ND 2.0)War-torn Aleppo. Photo: British Foreign and Commonwealth Office/Basma (CC BY-ND 2.0)

All money raised will be handed over to Church-run charity Caritas Polska, which has been sending aid to Syria since 2013.

Aleppo has seen armed conflict between Syrian forces and anti-government rebels since a civil war erupted in 2011.

Eastern Aleppo is 80 percent rubble, the city’s west is under constant fire. Aleppo has been cut off from power, food, medicine and running water.

Poland is hosting the UNESCO World Heritage Committee for the first time. During its session, new heritage sites will be selected to join 1,007 other locations already on a list of protected landmarks.

Thirty-four sites from around the world, including the lead, silver and zinc mine in Tarnowskie Góry, southern Poland, are vying for a spot on the list.

If successful, it would be the 15th UNESCO World Heritage site in Poland. (vb/pk)

Source: PAP

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Mariano firma cinco aos con el Olympique de Lyon | Ftbol

Mariano, durante su presentacin como nuevo jugador del Olympique de Lyon.

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How far should teachers go to teach kids about history? – Breakfast

In an effort to teach year 4 students about the Stolen Generation, a teacher at St Justin’s catholic School in Oran Park told children she had a letter from the Prime Minister saying they were to be removed from their parents’ care.

Some parents have deemed the experiment inappropriate, saying it unnecessarily upset children.

Robbie spoke to Natalie Wykes, whose son Kynan is a student at the school.

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Pro-Kremlin media still alive and well in Poland: report

PR dla Zagranicy

Roberto Galea

30.06.2017 12:14

Media outlets broadcasting pro-Kremlin propaganda are rife in Europe, including Poland, according to a report by the Gazeta Polska weekly.

Photo: LicensePhoto: License

“Russian propaganda in Poland has been present for many years and is increasing in strength depending on the political situation,” the weekly wrote.

Russian propaganda was already active in 1989, when Poland held its first partially free elections following decades of Soviet rule, the article said.

“Another offensive of mass propaganda followed the crash [of the presidential plane in 2010] in Smolensk [western Russia] and continues to this day.”

Gazeta Polska added that Russia invests “huge amounts of money” in delivering pro-Kremlin news in Poland.

The leader of the pack is Sputnik – a Kremlin-funded agency which broadcasts in English and Polish, among over a dozen other languages – Gazeta Polska reports.

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